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And I made a new episode!

New TGW episode! Watch here or on Youtube! ated=1

Scared George Washingtons!

Come on I don't have any favorites on it. :p It's not the best but the next one will be funnier, if there is another!
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2010-07-20 20:23:49 by TheMentalInstitute

I made a new video for someone quite a few months ago and he's finally letting me release it. So here it is:


After months and months I finally made a new The George Washingtons episode! It's shorter than the others by a little but I think it's ok:

The George Washingtons are also on Youtube: gtons

The George Washingtons Boycott the Redcoats

Glenn Beck...

2009-10-13 23:16:50 by TheMentalInstitute

... is great and he is having a video contest for his book "Arguing with Idiots". I made a little something with George Washington and the redcoats.
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Glenn Beck...

New really short TGW cartoon:

The George Washingtons Promo

I created a new Youtube channel solely for The George Washingtons... they are all HD this time. I might make a flash later promoting it... ashingtons

The George Washingtons on Youtube

The George Washingtons: Episode 20
These always get about the same rating and few/no reviews... I guess not many people like them. Oh well! I thought this was a better one.

The George Washingtons

# 19!

New The George Washingtons episode